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Motorcycle Crossing of the New 225 Mile Route - Part 2

On our last blog post, we left off in La Grange on our motorcycle crossing. We woke up Sunday morning and headed over to Weikel's Bakery for a kolache and a klobasniky. We also needed to put some oil in the motorcycle.

Our first church of the day was Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Plum. We arrived about 2 minutes before mass started on Sunday morning, so we attended the service. Since this church is typically locked, we took the opportunity to see the inside. However, because mass was in session, we thought it would be unbecoming to take pictures of the inside. So no pictures of the inside.

From Plum we headed to Hostyn to the Queen of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church to see the replica of the shrine in Lourdes, France.

Leaving Hostyn, we headed down to High High to see the Nativity of Mary, Blessed Virgin Catholic Church one of the painted churches.

A very beautiful church indeed. We made our way back through Schulenburg and then to Praha, to see another one of the painted churches, St. Mary's Church of the Assumption.

I didn't take any pics of the inside this time, since I've been inside numerous times. But I can promise you, it's worth seeing. Just as beautiful as High Hill. We left Praha and headed into Flatonia to see the Soldier's memorial in front of the American Legion hall.

In Flatonia they have a quaint bed and breakfast hotel called the Hotel Olle which as been restored and is open for business. We stopped in to check it out. Very nice.

We didn't get to stay this time, but we did a few weeks later and also caught a play at the Cole Theater and Dinner at the Red Vault Bistro. Leaving town and heading towards Moulton, we stopped by Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Flatonia.

We arrived in Moulton after crossing an old bridge and stopped by the Lutheran Church with a cool red door and also St. Joseph's Catholic Church.

Leaving Moulton, we headed out to Old Moulton to see the Old Moulton Baptist Church. Old Moulton is also one of the relay points of the Texas Independence Relay that runs from Gonzales TX to San Jacinto Monument. The world's tallest obelisk. I ran this 200 mile event solo in 2014.

Heading towards Shiner we passed by a historical marker denoting the old Dickson School. This section of the course has quite a bit of oil wells and compressors as well.

We made our way into Shiner, and not a moment too soon as the church picnic was going on. We passed by the park, we stopped at the brewery for a pic, and then the good stuff.

We were able to catch up with some friends and have a nice lunch. We also checked out all the craft booths, and put in a set of El Camino de Lavaca dominoes to be auctioned off at the auction. It was nearing late afternoon, so we decided to check out Sts. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church in Shiner. This church is one of the painted churches as well.

We headed back to Koerth for the night. So we'll pick up part 3 and the final post of this journey in the next edition.

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