Motorcycle Crossing of the New 225 Mile Route - Part 1

On Memorial Day weekend, May 27th, Gina and I began our motorcycle crossing of the new 225 mile El Camino route. Since our foot crossing of the route when it was 135 miles we have been working to re-vamp the route to include some of the painted churches in Fayette county plus the churches in Plum and Hoystn since they are so unique and iconic.

On Friday afternoon the 26th we rode the Royal Enfield down from Selma to attend my niece's high school graduation in Yoakum. A great ceremony where I was able to spend some time with my sister and mom and also get to catch up with some old friends from my alma mater. We stayed in the Black Gold motel in Yoakum which is really nice.

Saturday morning we rode out to Koerth to St. John The Baptist Catholic church where the route begins and took a few photos.

After getting started we cruised on to the first stop at Hope Baptist Church with a stop afterwards at the Ezzell Church of Christ and then on to Ezzell School, the second stop on the route.

Making our way into Hallettsville, we stopped at Mossy Grove Methodist Church.

Once we reached Hallettsville we stopped at the 3rd location on the route, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and then the courthouse. Afterwards we stopped for lunch at Novosad's Meat Market for BBQ and beans.

We left with a full belly and made out way out to St. Mary's Catholic Church. And then stopped for cold drink on an old bridge.

We then made out way to Witting where we checked out the Lutheran Church.

After Witting, we went out to St. Anthony's Cemetery and the Breslau Cemetery. We saw a cool barn with a Texas flag painted on it. Then to Moravia where we stopped at Ascension of our Lord Catholic Church and Moravia store.