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Follow John Sharp on the Via Francigena

Lausanne to Rome - 21 Days

Aug 23rd - Sept 12th - 2019

     What is the Via Francigena?  In the Middle Ages, Via Francigena was the major pilgrimage route to Rome from the north.  At the end of the 10th century Sigeric the Serious, the Archbishop of Canterbury, used the Via Francigena to and from Rome in order to receive his pallium; he recorded his route and his stops on the return journey. 

     Since creating the El Camino de Lavaca in 2016, John has set a goal to travel the great pilgrimage routes of the world.  Last year John and his significant other traveled the Camino Santiago - St. Frances route from SJPP to Santiago in 16.5 days. Blending the concepts of pilgrimage, journey running, and ultra distance walking, with limited amounts of vacation; the typical day averages 50km.  In addition to the GPS tracker below, you can view John's Instagram page for daily picture updates

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This is the planned stage list for each day of traveling. You can download this file and it contains hyperlinks for each stage. Learn about each section from the Via Francigena website


This is the live SPOT tracker below:

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