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What is The El Camino

I'm glad you've checked out the page for El Camino de Lavaca. What is the El Camino de Lavaca? Essentially it is a pilgrimage route that I have decided to establish in the area where I grew up. This initiative is inspired by the El Camino de Santiago in Spain and the Caminho de Fe in Brazil. This route has been established for purposes existential discovery, historical appreciation, religious reflection, and self-actualization.

The vision of this route is for "pilgrims" to navigate the course and while doing so, be able to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. To take time to reflect. The route winds though the rural county of Lavaca in Texas, which is about 2 hours from Houston, Austin, or San Antonio. The route is HERE. We pass by numerous small schools, old communities, churches, cemeteries, and through the four principle towns of the county: Hallettsville, Moulton, Shiner, and Yoakum. Click HERE for pictures of the route.

On December 16th, 2016 some friends of mine and I will be conducting the first annual pilgrimage on this route. We will travel in fastpack style and cover about 40 miles per day. We'll be promoting the route with cards and flyers. We will be wearing a red sash so that we can be readily identified as "pilgrims" and will carry a "pilgrims epistle" or "pilgrims letter".

Eventually, I'd like to have the course permanently marked with signage, establish a "Friends of the El Camino de Lavaca Foundation" , and offer "passports", maps, and patches for sale so that the El Camino de Lavaca Foundation will be self funded.

What do I need from you? I need you to like and share this website and let folks know what our intent is.

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