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Order of the Armadillo

Texas has a culture steeped in the promotion of the armadillo as a curio object.  We have created the Order of the Armadillo to pay homage to the armadillo, its place in Texas lore, and it's unique characteristics as a species: it's a mammal, it's nocturnal, and its ability to walk, underwater. 

To become a member of the "Order of the Armadillo", and be properly recognized by the Friends of the El Camino de Lavaca you must meet the following criteria: 1. You must be participating in the annual walk/run crossing of  "El Camino de Lavaca Pilgrimage Route", 2. The armadillo sighting must be at night, 3. The armadillo must be alive, and 4. The sighting must have at least one witness. 

Once you are properly inducted into the "Order of the Armadillo" you will be presented with an armadillo signet ring. 

Order of the Armadillo Members

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